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McGregorOver the last years, McGregor has become a centre for esoterics, spiritual lifestyle and holistic ways of healing in South Africa. Today quite a few spiritual healers are living in McGregor. They offer for example: aroma therapy, meditation, yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu, Thai Chi, therapeutic dance, reflexology, polarity massage, Shamanism and African drums workshops.

Mill Stone PotteryNumerous arts & crafts places in McGregor are also of interest for tourists. In the Mill Stone pottery high-quality terracotta and porcelain objects are manufactured. Banks Pottery Studio has specialised in artistically painted washbasins. Roy Reycraft creates sundials and artworks in brass in his Brass Studio. There is also a violin maker in the village. Jo Nowicki is a painter and offers drawing and painting courses.

McGregor has one very special feature, the esoteric Temenos Retreat Centre in the heart of the village. On walks through the wonderfully laid-out gardens of the meditation centre one can find inner peace. Each morning and evening a meditation is held, open for visitors. And seminars on different holistic therapies are being offered.

Temenos contains a café and bistro offering macrobiotic food, an art gallery and a library with a reading lounge. For further information contact:
TEMENOS, PO Box 183, McGregor 6708, South Africa, Tel. (023) 6251871, email:
Accommodation in McGregor

The Jubilee House
Fully equipped house for self-catering; 3 en-suite bedrooms; TV, Internet and phone; pool. Tel 0027 (0)21 5063303. eMail

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