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South Africa Tour Planning

Overland Busse
For budget travel in South Africa consider the services of one of the big overland bus companies Translux, Greyhound and Intercape Mainliner. The public railway system is less convincing.
All of these bus companies have modern, comfortable travel coaches with air-condition, TV and toilets. The fares are affordable, not differing much between the companies. Example: single trip Johannesburg - Port Elizabeth costs less than 300 Rand; Johannesburg - Cape Town costs less than 400 Rand.

Translux maintains a very well functioning bus net regularly servicing all bigger cities in South Africa and the neighbouring countries without Namibia. Enquiries and reservations:

The Intercape Mainliner is particularly popular for the route Windhoek - Cape Town. The fare per person is approximately 430 Rand. Enquiries and reservations
Tel +27 (0)21 380-4400
Fax +27 (0)21 386-2488

Greyhound also densely covers a big area. Sie bietet And they offer the money-saving Travel Pass for South Africa. Enquiries and reservations:

Public Transport, Trains, Busses and Taxis in South Africa

South Africa does not have a public transport system as you might know it from Europe. Even not in big cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town, where every day millions of people commute either in their private car or in badly overcrowded and not always roadworthy mini-bus taxis. There are public busses and trains, but they depart infrequently and not to many destinations. If you want to be safe and independent on your tour through South Africa, think of hiring a car.

Airport Taxis
Besides the cheap, but often dangerous mini-busses, you find in every bigger town proper taxi companies with well maintained vehicles. Some are specialised in airport transfers. It is advisable to book them in advance, because they mostly don't just stand at the airports waiting for casual costumers.

Magic Bus, part of the Greyhound group, offers specialised airport shuttle services. The fare for a transfer from the airport to your hotel amounts to 170 - 200 Rand per person.

Enquiries and reservations:
Johannesburg +27 (0)11 608-1662
Cape Town +27 (0)11 534-9105

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