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Mkulu Kei Horse Trails - Morgan Bay / Eastern Cape

Mkulu Kei Horse Trails is situated on the Morgan Bay road and offers horseback eco-adventures along the scenic and underdeveloped Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape.

Horse riding trails with Mkulu Kei will take you along some of the finest undisturbed coastlines in the world. The warm water of the Agulhas current meets wide golden beaches and rocky shores which support a fascinating and diverse animal kingdom. Deep river valleys, wide lagoons, magnificent indigenous coastal forests, bird, animal and plant life in profusion. You will get to ride through rural Africa, each leg of your trail will be scenic, every bay different. You will see rolling hills, rich Savannah grasslands and thick-forested valleys with multitudes of rivulets cascading down to rivers that eventually spill out onto quiet sandy beaches, fantastic high rise cliffs and spectacular rock formations that make the Wild Coast in South Africa one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Mkulu Kei Horse Trails offers you a personalised itinerary with the option to visit on your own trail dates or take advantage of the reduced prices by joining other similar riding ability riders. We make the effort to match you to a suitable horse for your riding ability based on how you described your own equine experience. You get the chance to meet the horses before being allocated a mount. We know we have quality horses, this way you can choose which one you want get to know on a personal level. Don has put hours of extra schooling into the horses with potential. As an experienced rider you will find a horse, you would like to take home. We are safety conscious at all times not only for your safety, but your fellow riders and our horses. Accommodation on trail in cosy family-style beach hotels en route.

For single travellers, adventure enthusiasts, beginners, advanced riders. Half-day beach ride or full day Transkei ride. 2 - 12 day overnight, Wild Coast Trails.
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Mkulu Kei Horse Trails

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