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Tour Design Questionnaire

In order to design a suitable self-drive tour for you, we'd like you to give us as much detail as possible. Please fill in this questionnaire! Don't forget your email address!
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Date of Start:
If you don't know the exact arrival date yet, tell us, in which month you'd like to travel.

Duration of Journey:
Please fill in the exact or approximate duration in days. Do not count the days on which you take your arrival and departure flights.

Starting in:
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Please select the type of accommodation you prefer.
Please choose which type of meals you wish to have.
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More Interests:
Please state special interests, like wine tasting, fishing, windsurfing, cycling, shark diving, paragliding and many more.
Additional notes:
Malaria Risk:
Do you accept a malaria risk because you want to visit the Kruger Park for example?

The experts' service: Individually designed Tours and Safaris

Are you planning a tour through South Africa or a safari in Namibia? Not a problem. We'll plan your African adventure. Within a week we work out a complete route for you - closely in accordance with your wishes, interests, travel time and duration. You can either travel on your own on a self-drive tour with accommodation pre-booked by us, or in the company of an experienced tour guide in your own group or as part of a small group..

Experts plan your route
We are a team of experts for southern Africa, who all can show many years of living in South Africa and working in the southern African tourism industry. We can tell you from first hand experience which places to visit and which ones not necessarily, where to sleep over, which vehicle to get, where best to play golf, go hiking, sailing, swimming, observe and photograph animals, enjoy beautiful scenery, go for dinner or shopping and where to get in contact with local people. We are well known, well connected and in the position to pick the most reliable and service-oriented partners and achieve the most favourable deals for you.

What we require from you
Starting and ending point of your journey, e.g. Cape Town - Johannesburg or Durban - Windhoek. And your envisaged flight dates. Furthermore, outline your interests in what you wish to see and experience. And tell us your special wishes, like photographing big cats, watching whales etc. Please use the form on this page. We are also available per email or on the telephone.

What you get – your tour plan
You receive, without obligation, a tour offer from us, detailed and illustrated with photos. Our tours are taylored as closely as possible to your needs and wishes.

Self-Drive Tours through South Africa and/or Namibia are particularly popular at present. Our offer will include a rental car with unlimited kilometres and fully comprehensive insurance. Of course we also offer 4x4 vehicles and campervans. All accommodation will be booked by us in the price range you have selected. You can explore the respective destination from your arrival on and don't need to spend precious holiday time looking for accommodation, checking availability, comparing rates ...

On arrival you'll receive comprehensive travel documentation including main attractions and highlights along your route, restaurant recommendations, lots of useful advice, also concerning safety along your route. There will be someone from our team to greet you at the airport, hand you the accommodation vouchers and, if applicable, the border-crossing documents. In case you have booked a 4x4 vehicle, you will also get thorough instruction how to handle it.

To be booked with any travel agency or on the Internet. We do not book flights.

If you have any queries or need further clarifications, please contact us telephonically in Germany:

Tel 0049 (0)08362 9268304 (Klaus)

Khashana Highline Travel
Enzensbergstr. 4 b
D-87629 Füssen / Germany
Tel: 0049 (0)8362 9268303

AnophelesMalaria Prophylaxis

In South Africa malaria occurs in the Kruger National Park and northern KwaZulu-Natal (north of St. Lucia). This also applies to the northern parts of Namibia (north of Etosha; especially in the Caprivi). The risk to get infected is quite low. However, since even the dangerous type Malaria Tropica occurs, one should consider prophylactic treatment. Consult with your doctor or pharmacist timeously before your departure.

Because malaria medication doesn't provide 100% protection you should avoid being bitten by mosquitos in the first place. Especially in the evenings one should be well covered and expose as little naked skin as possible. To put things in perspective: Only 1 in 100,000 mosquitos is a carrier.

TabardVery efficient is the mosquito repellent TABARD, for sale in pharmacies and supermarkets for little money.

Generally applies: During the dry winter months (June to October) the malaria risk is almost non-existent. Risky are only the summer months (December to April).

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