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South Africa's 12 official holidays. The meaning of Human Rights Day, Freedom Day, Heritage Day, Youth Day, Women's Day and Reconciliation Day for the nation. Coon Carnival in Cape Town. South Africa Calendar 2010 with all school holidays and public holidays.

Links to the South African government, to political parties, banks, universities, customs, the Weather Bureau and many others.

To South Africa for cosmetic surgery. High standard of the South African surgery. Long tradition of plastic surgery. Eye laser surgery and dental implants. Revitalisation in wellness hotels.

The crime rate in South Africa. What are the true figures? Who is affected? Development of crime. The South African police. Advice for your safety. Countrywide emergency numbers.

The sports of South Africa. Rugby and cricket. Importance of soccer as the most popular sport in the black population. The FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010. The venues for the matches. What is a Vuvuzela?

Addresses and contact details of South African embassies and consulates in foreign countries and their representations in South Africa.

How to emigrate to South Africa. All about Visa, Temporary Residence Permits, Work Permits and Permanent Residence in South Africa. The new South African Immigration Law. Application at the Department of Home Affairs.

Left hand traffic, special traffic rules, driver's licence, alcohol limit, road conditions, overtaking on National Roads, parking, petrol stations and petrol prices. South Africa's poor public transport system. Caution with minibus taxis.

Affordable Private Pilot Licence in Cape Town and other places in South Africa. PPL and CPL. Ideal weather and flight conditions.

The specialities of the South African kitchen. Boerekos and Cape Malay dishes. Braaivleis and Potjiekos. French and Indian influences.

Private and public hospitals. Treatment costs in South Africa. HIV / Aids in South Africa, cause and spreading. Inoculations. Areas with risk of malaria and bilharzia.

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