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Mapungubwe Tourist Information


Travel Hints

Mapungubwe National Park
Besides the culture-historical significance of Mapungubwe, nature in the national park is of exquisite beauty and of great botanical, geological and ecological interest. The 28000 ha park is a protectorate for numerous mammal species, some of them endangered, like the Wild Dog and the Rhino (both White and Black Rhino). It is home to several antelope species, giraffe, hyena, lion, cheetah and a large elephant population.

Travel Time
The park is open all year. The best time for a visit is May to October. In summer k├Ânnen die Temperatures can rise to over 40 C degrees. Mapungubwe lies within the malaria-zone. A prophylaxis should be considered, particularly in the humid-hot months of summer.

Park Office:
Tel: 015 5342014. Fax: 015 5340102.

in the Park

There are 3 camps and a lodge in Mapungubwe. The main camp is "Leokwe Camp" in the eastern part of the park. It offers thatched huts, each for a maximum of 4 persons, embedded in a spectacular landscape of sandstone hills. Price per hut about R530 (for 2 persons). Central reservation at:
South African National Parks Board
PO Box 787, Pretoria 0001
Tel +27 (0)12 4289111
Fax +27 (0)12 4265500
Accommodation in the MUSINA area

Klein Bolayi Lodge
Private Nature Res; thatched chalets; aircon; all meals; spa + Wellness; tours to Mapungubwe. Tel ++27-(0)15 5340975. eMail

Accommodation Tuli Game Reserve (BOT)

Tuli Safari Lodge
Excellent lodge in Tuli Game Reserve, 8 ensuite units with aircon; all meals; safaris, pool. Tel ++27-(0)15 5340975. eMail

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