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Vanrhynsdorp Travel Information

Baby BumMost travellers see Vanrhynsdorp so far only as a pit stop on their way to Namibia or Cape Town respectively. But the town and its surroundings do have something interesting to offer.


Maskam Mountain
The mountain's height is 1086 metres, and from the top you have a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Nama Karoo. You reach the mountain via the road to the Gifberg Pass. On top keep to your left. Best you first contact Dave Schlebusch of Dave's Farm, which lies on top of the mountain. Tel 027 2191191.

At Dave's Farm starts a 2-day hiking trail to the Ouberg Waterfalls. Nature Conservation in Vanrhynsdorp organises this hike. Don't try it on your own, but contact the experienced guide: Kobus Kritzener, Tel 027 2191480.

Particularly to the friends of nature and plants be recommended a hike through the plains of the Knersvlakte at wildflower blooming season. Nature Conservation will gladly assist you and offer competent guidance. Contact: Kobus Kritzener, Tel 027 2191480.

Succulent Nursery
Vanrhynsdorp is proud of its Succulent Nursery, where more than 500 indigenous species are cultivated, many of them endemic to the area.
Vanrhynsdorp Accommodation

Suttridge Guest Farm
2 Cottages in secluded position; romantic oil lamps; fireplaces; self-catering or B&B. Tel +27 (0)27 2191889. email

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