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Travel Area Namaqualand Springbok Sukkulenten, Südafrika

Northern Cape

The railway line has been dismantled long ago, but the old steam-engine can still be seen in the mine museum of Nababeep, some kilometres out of Springbok. There one can also visit one of the last remaining working copper mines. Most of the mines in this area were closed down.

Springbok is the centre of the wildflower region, and each year in spring the town experiences a great invasion of tourists. Then the small camping site is booked to the last spot, and the visitors stream into the Goegab Nature Reserve. Even out of season, this nature reserve offers an interesting insight into the unique plant world of Namaqualand.

Travel information and accommodation in Springbok

Top right: small Succulenten Park in Springbok's town centre. Top left: Nababeep Mining Museum. Bottom left: Springbok at sunset.

Springbok, Südafrika

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