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3. Strict Professional Ethics und High Competence
The "Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of South Africa" has standards of admission as strict as the best in Europe. Its members are scientifically and technically up-to-date and have the experience of many years in practice. European patients in South Africa can't help noticing the relaxed and matter-of-fact manner, in which the surgeons treat them. Plastic surgery has a long tradition in South Africa. For an affluent South African lady it is just a matter of course to have a facelift, bodystyling, breast surgery or other beauty treatments done.

4. Recovery in Wonderful Retreats
For the time after the hospital stay, the patient has a choice of first-class hotels and guest houses in South Africa, where one can relax, recover and be pampered. Many of the venues have excellent spa facilities.

5. The Country's Beauty
South Africa is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. What you save in doctor's fees you can spend on a safari, a trip through the country, or a stay at a game lodge. South Africa offers a tremendous variety of attractive places, first-class hotels or cosy guest houses as well as an excellent gastronomy.

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