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Nieuwe Republiek Museum
Lucas MeyerThe museum lies in Landdrost Street. It documents the history of Vryheid and the "Nieuwe Republiek" from 1884 to 1888. The museum is open on weekdays from 9am to 4 pm.

House of Lucas Meyer
President Lucas Meyer purchased the building in 1885. Today it is a museum for cultural history. Corner of Landdrost and Mark Streets.

Old Raadsaal
This building also lies in Landdrost Street. In times of the Nieuwe Republiek it was the town council and the prison.

Klipfontein Bird Sanctuary (10)
The bird sanctuary lies 2 km south-west of the town centre. Over 160 bird species are registered in these wetlands, among them the African Fish Eagle.

Vryheid Nature ReserveVryheid Nature Reserve
The town's nature park lies in the north. Drive down East Street and turn right into Klip Street. There are various hiking trails and one comes across Zebras, Impala, Eland and other antelope species. In spring the reserve is a wildflower paradise. Open daily from 6 am to 6 pm.

Hlobane Battlefield
This historical battlefield is situated about 20 km north-east of Vryheid. In the Anglo-Zulu War here the British under the command of Colonel Sir Evelyn Wood suffered a defeat on March 28,1879. But they were able to escape. 92 British soldiers died.

KhambulaKhambula Battlefield
The British troops gathered anew near Khambula, where the battle that turned matters round, took place the next day, on March 27, 1879. 2,000 British soldiers stood in a well fortified position against 18,000 Zulus. The British troops had several cannons. The battle only lasted four hours. Around 3,000 Zulus and 83 British died. The battlefield from the Anglo-Zulu War lies some 20 kilometres north of Vryheid.

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