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Tugela Mouth

Tugela River Mouth

Attractions and Travel Hints

Access to Tugela Mouth
The village lies at the northern shore of the uThukela river. On the N2 the turn-off "Tugela Mouth" is clearly sign-posted. One drives past sugar cane plantations. The last kilometres are untarred and quite bumpy.

One can walk to the beach. Best to take the narrow path past the lighthouse, which leads directly to the beach at the rivermouth. In the village there are some older holiday houses and a campground. No shopping facility.

Harold Johnson Nature Reserve
The 100 hectare reserve is situated on the southern riverbank. Access via Zinkwazi or Mandini turn-off from the N2. Here live antelopes, zebras, Vervet monkeys, mongoose and more than 200 bird species.

Some 7 kilometres of hiking trails meander through the park. Interesting - and most unusual - is the "Muthi" trail, where traditional healing plants of the Zulus are marked and explained. At the picnic spot lies a small Zulu Cultural Museum. A monument reminds of the Anglo-Zulu War from 1879.

The park offers basic camping facilities. The gate is open daily from 6 am to 6 pm. Contact: Tel (072) 4136286 or (033) 8451002.

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