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Strassen und Verkehr in KwaZulu-Natal
The roads in KwaZulu-Natal and the sign-posting is generally in good condition. This does not apply to smaller roads in northern Zululand, though, where many deep potholes might catch you unawares.With the public transport being appalling - like everywhere else in South Africa, one should hire a car. A normal sedan is mostly sufficient. Only a few stretches - like Sani Pass or Kosi Bay - a 4 x 4 is required.

The Zulus speak isiZulu. Generally one gets on well with English.

Some Zulu Words
Hi, Good day sawubona
How are you? gunjani
I'm fine lungile
Thank you ngiyabonga
Excuse me uxolo
Yes yebo
No cha
Good bye sala kahle

From Durban to Cape Town
The shortest connection, about 1700 kilometres, is the N2 through the former Transkei. Contrary to many a warning one can hear, we didn't find trips through the Transkei particularly risky, provided one behaves prudently and, for example, doesn't have picnics in the bushes or the like. Beware of goats and cows grazing at the roadside and unexpectedly moving onto the road. Don't drive at night. The alternative route leads around the Drakensberg through the Free State.

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Klima in KwaZulu-Natal
Coasts: The climate in the coastal areas of KwaZulu-Natal is moderate subtropical. Temperatures rise in summer above the 30 degree mark. Due to the high humidity it is often sultry like in the Mediterranean. The winters are very pleasant, mild to warm with day temperatures above 20 deg. Small chance of rain.

Highlands: The height of the Drakensberg of KwaZulu-Natal with elevations higher than 3,000 metres, provides moderate temperatures, even in the foreland, the Midlands, where it hardly ever gets hotter than 30 degrees. In winter (June to August) it is dry and pleasantly warm during the day. The thermometre climbs above 20 deg. But the nights are bitterly cold, also in areas of moderate height temperatures sink far below zero. Snow would fall in the higher regions.

Rainy Season: KwaZulu-Natal is the province with the most rainfalls in South Africa. It rains mainly between October and April, particularly in the summer months of December, January and February, when strong tropical thunderstorms occur daily, mostly in the afternoons.

Travel Time
The climate conditions in KwaZulu-Natal stand for good travelling throughout the year. If you travel in summer, from December to February, expect sultriness and frequent thunderstorms. The ideal period for a beach holiday at the coast are the periods from April to June and from September to November.

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