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Talana Museum
Glass exhibition in the Talana MuseumThe Talana Museum north of town is worth a visit. It exhibits extensive collections documenting the military history as well as coal-mining, glass manufacturing and the industrial history of South Africa.

The museum complex lies on the R33 (in the direction of Vryheid), less than two kilometres north of the town centre. The museum is spacious. It deals with South Africa's military history and presents exhibitions about glass manufacture, African beadwork and an excellent section on coal-mining. The museum is situated in a park with picnic spots. "Smith's Cottage", the original dwelling of the Scottish founder of the town, Peter Smith, stands on these premises. During the week the museum is open from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Saturdays from 10 am to 4:30 pm. Sundays 12 - 4:30 pm. Tel: (034) 2122654 or Fax: (034) 2122376.

Isandlwana Battlefield
After Zulu King Cetshwayo had refused to surrender unconditionally, the British concentrated five batallions in Zululand, very well equipped and armed with the most modern guns and cannons of the time. One of them, the 1st Batallion of about 1300 soldiers, put up camp on January 22, 1879 at the foot of the Isandlwana hill. They were - to their utter surprise - attacked by some 20,000 Zulu warriors. The furious Zulus took the offensive on the British army from three sides simultaneously, causing a horrific bloodbath. In the evening all the English were killed and the Zulus lost about a thousand of their own. The news of he "Battle of Isandlwana" were received in England with utter dismay. How come could a bunch of "savages" with speers annihilate the most modern army with the latest equipment! .

In the Isandlwana Historic Reserve and Battlefield there is nowadays a small museum and a bronze sculpture by the sculptor Gert Swart from Pietermaritzburg. It is called "Izimpondo Zenkomo" and represents a necklace of honour, the Zulu King's reward for outstanding courage.

Izimpondo ZenkomoThe Isandlwana Battlefield lies about 65 kilometres south-east of Dundee, to be accessed on the R68 via Nqutu. 14 km behind this village turn right. Another 8 kilometres on gravel.

A few kilometres further on is the location of the "Battle of Rorke's Drift" to be found, where on the day after the Isandlwana desaster, 100 British soldiers withstood the attack of 4000 Zulus.

Dundee Accommodation

Battlefields Country Lodge
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